How important is to remove pictures when selling a house?

Using personal pictures displayed on the walls is common in homes.After all, we all feel so proud to have our precious family here and there for everybody to admire.  However, when it comes to preparing the home for sale, it’s important that we remember that the way we live in a home is different than the way we sell a house. We recommend  that all pictures be removed before we put the house on the market.

Here are the reasons why:

  1. Family pictures can create a distraction- when potential buyers come into our house, we want them to pay attention to the features and amenities that the house has to offer and not to our belongings. It is easy for buyers to be distracted by the pictures of the latest family reunion, wedding day or the trip to the Bahamas. If our goal is to sell the house, then it’s best to remove all distractions from the eyes and minds of the buyers.
  2. Family pictures can put our family in danger- having pictures of our children, their names, schools they go to or teams they play in displayed throughout the house provide strangers with details about our personal life. People don’t need to know all that information about our family. To keep your family from stranger danger, remove all family pictures and personal information while the house is on the market.
  3.  Family Pictures can make it hard for buyers to visualize themselves- The moment that we decide to put our house on the market, the place that we’ve comfortably been living in, becomes a product. Just like any other product on the market, we need to make it appealing to the buyers. Family pictures displayed  tell buyers that you are still emotionally attached to your home. It makes it difficult for them to see it as their future home because the only message they are getting is that this is your home, your space and they are invading it. Our goal is to sell the house and if you want potential buyers to imagine themselves living in that house, they need to be able to visualize THEIR photos and THEIR items in THEIR new home!

Replace your family photos with neutral pieces of art so that your walls don’t look naked but are not distracting either. Keep in mind that these changes are only temporary. After all, we will soon be moving and making the new house our home. Our family pictures will once again be displayed in our Family Hall of Fame for everyone to enjoy!